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Minutes of Occupation Permit

Legislative and regulatory references :

- Law No. 122 of 1994 dated on November 28, 1994 relating to the edition of  the Land Initialization and Reconstruction journal, as it was completed and revised by subsequent texts especially Chapter 73 of its

Conditions for having the service:

- The applicant must have completed the construction works for which he obtained a license in accordance with the arrangements in place

- The completed construction works are in accordance with the content of the license and the approved examples

The required documents :

- A request in the name of the head of the local community concerned includes: the adjective, the property address of the request, the correspondence address, and the subject of the request.

- A copy of the last license obtained

- Certificate in the summary of municipal performance (to be submitted upon receipt of the record or license)

Filing placement :

The technical interest in the municipality or the municipal department

Placement for having the service :

The technical interest in the municipality or the municipal department

Within two months from the date of filing a request for the purpose (if the request was issued by the citizen)

  • Minutes of works conformity are attributed in the following cases:

- Completion of the completed works with the licensing decision and the approved examples attached thereto.

- The work done is not in conformity with the licensing decision and the approved examples attached to it, but they are in conformity with the urban arrangements of the area. In this case, a match record will be issued, in which the violations mentioned will be stated, and the work permit will not be submitted unless the examples are revised and the approval of the Municipal Technical Committee for coffee licenses.

  • The attribution of the works match record and the work permit in the form of a breach of the completed works for the urban arrangement of the region is refused, and in no case can the situation be settled through a revision file. A correspondent is sent an answer to the student with the intention of informing him of the violations raised after the galaxy inspection.
  • Partial delivery of the work match record and the occupancy license can be made in the following cases:

- Completing part of the works of a programmed project according to installments, in which case the part concerned with the conformity record and the partial occupancy license must be isolated from the rest of the project in order to make this part habitable and enjoy safety conditions.

- Completion of one or several floors without completing the entire project, in which case the major major works and their supplies must be final and completely in accordance with the licensed specifications.