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License to change the nature of the property

(From a place intended for housing to a place of craft, administration, trade or any other activity other than its original form)

Legislative and regulatory references :

 Law No. 122 of 1994 dated on November 28, 1994 relating to the edition of the Land Initialization and Reconstruction journal as completed and revised by subsequent texts, especially Law No. 78 of 2003 dated on December 29, 2003.

-Decision of the Minister of Equipment, Housing and Land Initialization dated on 17 April, 2007 regarding to the setting of documents constituting the construction permit file, its validity, extension period, and the conditions for its renewal.

- Decision of the Minister of Equipment, Housing and Land Initialization dated on April 17, 2007, regarding the regulation of the composition and methods of municipal committees’ running for building permits.

- The minister of Equipment and Housing’s decision dated on August 10, 1995, regarding the regulation of exceptional cases that do not require the use of an architect to prepare engineering examples and construction projects

Conditions for having service :

 The applicant must be an owner to the property in question

- Agreement between the required activity and the nature of the area where the shop is, according to initialization example.

- Agreement between the activity and the arrangements used (in terms of pollution- noise- traffic…)

- Respecting the arrangements concerning the protection of agricultural locations, natural locations, urban locations and protected locations

The required documents :

- The same documents required for a building permit

Filing placement :

   - Technical service in the Municipality or the municipal department

Placement of having service :

-Technical service in the Municipality or the municipal department

Time limits :

  Within 21 days from the date of submitting the complete file   

   Within 60 days if the building is in an area whose development is in progress.

Within 90 days, as the building is about 200 meters of natural, cultural, archeological, preserved, or historical locations.

Time limits can be extended if the building project in question requires the municipality to resort to the opinion of other administrative structures or other privacy.