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Family party permit

Legislative and regulatory references :

- Chapter 74 of the Basic Law on Municipalities No. 33 of 1975 dated on May 14, 1975 as it was completed and revised by subsequent texts.

- Ordinance No. 1428 of 1998 of July 13, 1998, fixing the tariff of land markings authorized for local public groups to pay them.

Conditions for having the service :

- Holding a party using musical instruments or others.

- Submit the license application three days before the ceremony.

The required documents :

- A request on plain paper specifying the date and full address of the place in which the ceremony will be held.

Filing placement :

 The municipality or the municipal department

Placement for having the service:

 The municipality or the municipal department-

Within 24 hours of submitting the application

The party owner must respect the timing specified by the license, otherwise he and the users of the machines will be subject to musical instrument confiscation and tracking.