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Certificate of the main residence of the deceased

Legislative and regulatory references :

- Journal of cost registration and tax stamp, especially Chapter 53 of it.

- Order No. 1428 of 1998 dated on July 13, 1998 regarding the regulation of the tariffs for the costs licensed to local public groups to extract them as completed and revised according to the following texts, especially the Order number 80 of 2004 dated on January 14, 2004.

Conditions for having the service :  

- The property in question must be the main residence of the deceased.

- The concerned must be one of the heirs of the property owner.

- Release from the registration costs shall be granted for inheritance within an area of 1000 square meters including built and non-built attachments, and the increase in that is submitted to the registration costs employed on inheritance.

The required documents :

   - A specified requirement stipulating the full address of the property in question

   - The argument of death for the deceased.

   - What signifies that the property in question is not burdened with a debt for the benefit of the concerned local community, entitled Costs on Real Estate.

   - Property ownership certificate

- Pay the required costs

Filing placement :

Central Adjustment Office

Placement for having the service :

Municipal tax authority

Within a week of submitting the file

   This certificate, or the information contained therein, shall not be delivered only to those concerned.

   The testimony of the deceased's main residence is not an argument for the property.