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License to demolish a property

 Legislative and regulatory references

- Chapter 75 of the Basic Law for Municipalities No. 33 of 1975 dated on May 14, 1975 as completed and revised by subsequent texts

Law No. 35 of 1976 dated on February 18, 1976 relating to the regulation of relations between owners and of stores intended for habitation, trade, or public administration, and supplementary or revised texts of it.

Law No. 122 of 1994 dated on November 28, 1994 relating to the editing of Land Initialization and Construction Journal.

Conditions for having the service

The citizen must be an owner to the property

The property to be demolished must not be occupied with housing or exploitation

If the property is collapsing and constitutes a danger or if it is going to be rebuilt as part of the development

The required documents

A request in the name of the head of the concerning local communities

A certificate of ownership of the property to be demolished

A certificate that the property represents a danger to the safety of passengers and the highway

(Building permit (if demolished for development

The report of the Office of Monitoring the demolition process and its impact on neighboring structures

Filing placement

- Technical service in the Municipality or the municipal department

Placement of having service

- Technical service in the Municipality or the municipal department

Time limits

 Within two months of the date of filing the request