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A sports meeting with the children of the school, Bourguiba district, in coordination with the Department of Sidi Mansour

In the middle of last week, a narrow session was held at the headquarters of Sidi Mansour circle, in which the head of the department Ahmed Al-Misawi, Mr. Taher Al-Masmoudi, the district administrator, and Mr. Ahmed Gersalawi, the decision of this youth and sports committee attended, in addition to the presence of Mr. Fathi Hashish, head of the Tunisian Athletics Association accompanied by a delegation from the university. The session was resumed with a field visit to several sports facilities of the municipality of Sfax. The parties have agreed to bridge the points of view and strive to conclude a partnership agreement between the Tunisian University of Athletics and the Municipality of Sfax in coordination with the Chairman of the Youth and Sports Committee of the Municipality of Sfax. In a good gesture, the neighborhood of Bourguiba School was invited last Friday to participate in a sports meeting in Al-Shafar Beach. This gesture was appreciated by the participating children and their parents, hoping that such demonstrations would be repeated