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Sfax Municipal Council approves the municipal budget for 2020

The work of the fourth regular session of the Municipal Council for the year 2019 continued this evening Tuesday, December 03, 2019 under the supervision of Mr. Mounir Al-Loumi, the mayor and in the presence of gentlemen and women members of the Municipal Council and Mr. Hafez Al-Hamami, Secretary-General of the municipality and a number of its technical, financial and administrative frameworks, as well as the presence of a number of representatives of associations and residents Municipal area.
The Municipal Council approved the budget of the Sfax municipality for the year 2020 by majority, with a record of retaining three members and an objection to one member of this municipal council. The budget of the Sfax municipality for the coming year is estimated at 78,823.826 million dinars.
The municipal council in Sfax is currently continuing its deliberations on the rest of the points and topics on its eyes regarding financial and real estate issues and projects to conclude agreements.

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