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On the occasion of reviewing an example of its urban setting: the Sfax municipality organizes a symposium on urbanization and quality of life in Sfax

In the context of reviewing the example of its urban setting, the Sfax municipality works to involve all relevant regional structures, institutions and departments as well as all components of civil society to exchange views on the future of the city from the review of its urban setting and for the purpose, the Sfax municipality organizes on Wednesday 24 April 2019 starting from nine in the morning Weddings and municipal conferences Seminar entitled: "Urban development and quality of life in Sfax."
Several actors are participating in this symposium, including: the major municipalities of Sfax (9 municipalities), the governorate of Sfax, local and national development and environmental associations, professional organizations, social organizations, the Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Territorial Development, the Ministry of Local Affairs and the Environment, the Company for Studies and Development of the Northern Coast of Sfax - Tebroura, the light metro company in Sfax, Maritime Bureau of Ports, Tunisian Railways Company, University of Sfax (Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Law, National School of Engineers of Sfax, National School of Architecture and Development, the municipalities of Tunis and Sousse and Gabes.
During this symposium, a number of developmental topics will be studied in relation to the reality of the city, including:
- Evaluating the current urban development example of the municipality of Sfax
Diagnosing the problems of preparation and urban behavior
The strategic vision for the development of the Greater Sfax metropolis
Possible urbanization scenarios
Tbarboura and Ecological Urban Development Project
- The light metro project and the development of quality mass transit services
Establishment of a development agency for Greater Sfax
Successful foreign experiences in the field of sustainable urban development.
As a reminder, the urban area of ​​the city of Sfax is witnessing a rapid urban growth, according to the economic and social movement that the city has known during the past decades. However, this growth remained unbalanced and sometimes irregular due to poor urban planning and the limited role of local authorities in preserving the city's natural and environmental resources.
Therefore, the city has become in urgent need today to take urgent measures to develop it and restructure its urban area and the required review of the example of its urban development in effect for more than 17 years, which was overlooked by events and no longer meets the need. This should be done by adopting a long-term strategic vision, which allows the development of Sfax, a sustainable and integrated urban development, and from its elevation to a metropolitan level present in which it is necessary to live with the competition of its counterparts from the Mediterranean to the world in terms of its radiation and attracting investors.
Starting to review the example of urban development for the municipality of Sfax beginning of this year (the year 2019) will be an opportunity to achieve this strategic vision or at least start with it, and work to reduce many of the risks to the safety of the city and allow:
Revitalizing and developing the central region and facilitating the connection of the Taburura region with it,
Developing transportation and mobility services with a view to achieving the goal of sustainable transport,
Improving the environmental and urban situation by removing pollution from the southern coast, port area and industrial areas as a whole.