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The mayor of Sfax receives representatives of the Sfax region for scouts

The mayor of Sfax receives representatives of the Sfax region for scouts after the success of the "Jomburai Regional Scout Demonstration":
Mr. Mounir El Loumi, the mayor of Sfax, received, on Monday 22 April 2019, the company of Mrs. Radia El Faki, head of the Social Affairs and Labor Committee, and a number of Council members Commander Gamal El-Elij, representative of the Sfax Scout Authority, in the presence of Commander Anis Dreira and Commander Mahdi El-Shaary, in the framework of honoring the scouts for all the parties that contributed to The success of the regional Jumburi Scout demonstration, which was organized from 18 to 22 March 2019 with the participation of 831 scouts from all regions and delegations of the region.
Mr. Munir Al Loumi appreciated this demonstration, expressing his encouragement for scouting work, given his important role in attracting and surrounding young people, instilling national values ​​in them, and urging them to pursue noble voluntary scouting.
On this occasion, the Leader Jamal Al-Healer presented the symbol of the regional Jumburi scouting demonstration to both the mayor of Sfax, the president of the municipality’s social affairs committee and the general clerk of the municipality of Sfax as an expression of thanks to the Tunisian scouts from Sfax for supporting the Sfax municipality for this successful demonstration in its first session