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Marketing 16 stations to accommodate cars and bicycles for the year 2019

Sfax municipality has expanded the number of 16 stations to accommodate cars and bicycles for the year 2019, after completing the legal procedures, following up the financial affairs committee and following up the behavior of the municipality of Sfax in cooperation with the relevant municipal committees.
The stations that are justified and shown according to the maps shown are the following:
1. The door of the mountain behind the bus station under the fence
2- Al-Diwan Chapter
3- The mountain gate from the western side, the vicinity of the Qureia market from the side of Sidi Al-Lakhmi and the direction of the fish market
4- The prepared shelter adjacent to the main entrance to the Sidi Al-Lakhmi Mosque from both sides
5- The closed space before the Court of Appeal
6- Touta Garden from the side of Sakra Road
7- Aswaq Complex, Gabes Road
8- Market inventory in detail next to the fish market
9- The central berth on Ali El-Bahlawan Street, in level
Fire tower
10- Child and Family Park
11- The perimeter of the Corniche basin from one side from the sea side, specifically from the Nahji Bash Hanaba and Habib Ashour approaches
12- Ahmad Al-Saigali Street, on both sides of the road
13- Summer Theater in Sidi Mansour
14- Al-Hadi Nowera approach the Al-Salama clinic and the boat complex on both sides of the road
15- The approach of Sidi Ali Karai and in front of the Polymerarium building from the side of Al-Shuhada Street
16- The retreat next to the Majida Polila Institute, Carthage Street