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The participatory session for Al-Bustan department, to choose the proximity projects

The participatory session for Al-Bustan region was held on Sunday 01 December 2019 in the meeting hall at the headquarters of the department to choose proximity projects for the year 2020 with the participation of a number of residents of this municipal area. The Secretary General of the municipality, Mr. Riyad Al Hajj Tayeb, the General Director of the Technical Department, a number of its tires, the facilitators, and the woman returning to the department of the department. During this session, proximity projects for Al-Bustan were selected within the municipal participatory investment program for the year 2020, which is represented in:
* Paving the rain-rain approach, located in the Sultanate's compensatory neighborhood.
Paving the perimeter of the gardens located in the compensatory district
* Keranis garden planting
During the session, representatives of Al-Bustan region were also chosen, respectively:
* Muhammad Ali Qasim, Zina al-Ubaidi, and Wafi al-Sha'ari.

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