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March 2 stadium returns to its former activities after being re-cultivated

March 2 stadium, today, Tuesday 03 December 2019, has returned to its previous activities, and it welcomed the players of the Sports Club of Sfaxien Football Club on the ground of artificial grass of the fifth generation after the completion of the works of focusing this good grass and intervention in the field and in the clothes rooms and the entire stadium equipment at a total cost of 940 thousand dinars Funded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports:
Mr. Mounirlaloumi, the mayor of the municipality, accompanied by Mr. Issam El Marassi, head of the Youth and Sports Committee, Mr. Ghazi Al-Masadi, head of the Al-Bustan department, and a number of members of the Municipal Council, reviewed the accomplished interventions in the stadium
The initialization works are as follows:
Weeding works: at a value of 590,000 dinars
Lighting: 300,000 dinars
- Civil works: 50 thousand dinars, the work of paint, bleaching, repairing fences and renovating canals.

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