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Ceremony honoring ex-presidents of the municipal councils of Sfax in its 135th anniversary

Mr. Mounir El Loumi, the mayor of Sfax, in the company of Mr. Adel El-Khabthani, took the governor of Sfax today, Tuesday, July 16, 2019, in the municipal wedding hall, in the presence of a number of gentlemen and women members of the Municipal Council in Sfax, regional frameworks, the management of the International Sfax Festival, and a number of associations and media representatives in the region, honoring the presidents of the previous municipal councils For the municipality of Sfax since independence, in a touch of loyalty to the valuable efforts they gave to the city, commemorating the 135th anniversary of the founding of the municipality, and they are the masters: Muhammad Muhannad Abdul Majeed Shaker Al-Sadiq Al-Qarmazi Ahmad Balasud Ahmad Al-Zaghal Muhammed Shaker Mohsen Al-Mughanni Al-Tijani Muhannu Muhammed Al-Haj Tayeb Al-Munsif Abdul-Hadi Najib Abdul-Mawla Imad Al-Sabri Hamza Al-Dhahri. The municipality celebrations continue this evening by organizing a photo exhibition entitled Sfax between the past and the present, as well as a display of Dajaz music for the Higher Institute of Music with revitalizing performances in El Hadi Shaker Street in cooperation with the Regional Commission for Cultural Affairs. The organization of a Saher concert in the space of the summer theater in Sidi Mansour, in cooperation with the administration of the International Sfax Festival of the artist "Hilal Ben Omar," "A dream" was presented, starting from ten at night. Each year, the municipality of Sfax, a thousand good.